Hass Keita, of Mali and Ivory Coast origin, born September 4, 1970, began his musical career at the age of 13 years with his twin brother Ousseyne Keita and Ismaël Issac, out of which the musical group “Ismael Issac and the Keita brothers” was born.

The vocal trio quickly became a great success with its participation in the disk with, among others, Youssou N. DOUR, Fire … Franco. and alternating the release of their first album (FREEDOM) in 1986 after then many concerts, the most important are: THE AMNESTY & REGGAE SUNSPLASH INTERNNATIONAL in Abidjan in 1988.

Albums Tchilaba (1986) and Yatiman (1988) confirms the international dimension of the group that was elected second group hopes to hit parade RFI. In 1989 during their visit to Abidjan the Wailers (Bob Marley musicians) record with them

Children of Africa.

In 1989 the group suffered a great shock the death of Keita Ousseyne suffering from tuberculosis.

A month later, Alpha Blondy & Hass Keita singing together at a concert held in memory of Ousseyne. Deeply affected by his disappearance and after a few concerts in Burkina Faso and Togo. Haas Keita moved to Paris and performed in many venues.

In 1996 he moved to a room in the basement of the Centre International de Danse de Paris Jazz. At first in private, this room will allow him to work his repertoire and put at the disposal of many artists such as: Sofa Africa, Kib time limits, Aicha Kone, Soum-Ball and others. In late 1996 he founded the association TIANNO in order to promote African culture through performances worship venues, phonographic productions etc …

In memory of his twin brother Ousseny Keita, he released his first single in 1998: Tile

In January 2003 he expanded the recording studio adjacent to the rehearsal room.

The release of her debut album in 2006 DJAMAN proves once again the undeniable talent of this artist.

Signed: Celine Duintjer

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